Welcome to our monthly design competition, this is where we shall be asking the designers of the world to submit their best designs that are in line with our monthly competition.

Although we plan to start monthly competitions as we are just starting this competition may run for over a month.

August Design Competitions to be based around the idea of a Single Colour print / sketch, we are leaving it wide open this month..

To be in for the chance to win the following prizes:

  • 10% commission on all sales with that particular design forever.
  • Opportunity to come and print your design in Southsea print studio.
  • Your logo / signature alongside the Individual Threads logo on all garments.
  • The first t shirt printed with your design, Fresh from the press.
  • As a featured artist on our site and promotion of your Indi Threads profile
  • Indi Threads goodie bag including loads of stickers, flyers and cotton tote bags

All items will be added to the gallery and be chosen my the community of artists out there where you shall be given artistic direction and love for your beautiful art.

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