Individual Threads has a philosophy that it is more than just a fashion brand, we have a vision for social advancement for our workers, their families and our neighbours, and feel this is equally as important to us as delivering our customers the highest quality products and services.

Your designs are only sold onto ethically sourced quality products.

We are supplied with art from the UK’s most upcoming artists and feel that their designs should have no other option than to be printed onto the finest ethically traded garments available.

We want to create a positive cycle of both company and community, which is why all garments printed at the Individual Threads studio are from ethical.

We aim to print solely onto garments that are manufactured in the UK and are compliant with the ETI Base Code that goes that one step further, it sets out guidelines which all its member much abide by, to ensure each employee has full choice over their employment, and each employee is treated fairly in terms of working environment and wages.


Our aim is to get all blank garments manufactured in the UK

However with the shortage of a constant supply of UK manufactured garments we do sometime have to look outside of our beloved UK and souce from other ethical sources, albeit organic cotton, fair wear or WRAP one thing you will know when purchasing from Individual Threads is that your garment is happy and the worker is also happy to have you wearing it.

Please see the corporate responsibility of our suppliers:

Our main suppliers comply to the ETI Base Code

ETI Base Code:

For any reason we are aunable to source the product from an ETI Compliant supplier here are the regulation our alternative suppliers have.

Fair Labour Association –
Fair Wear Foundation –

12 Points of Assurance

  • Compliance with Laws and Workplace Regulations
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  • Prohibition of Harassment or Abuse
  • Prohibition of Discrimination
  • Prohibition of Forced Labor
  • Prohibition of Child Labor
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Hours of Work
  • Health and Safety
  • Customs Compliance
  • Environment
  • Security

What is ETI?

ETI is an alliance of companies, trade unions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). A commitment to transparency and a tripartite approach to addressing workers’ rights permeates our working structures, governance and practice.