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Before you send us your artwork,

a few things to keep in mind…

Individual Threads is an online community for inspiring artwork. Unfortunatly that means that we are unable to accept every design to print.

Please do not take offence if your design gets rejected by our moderators, however if it contains offensive content (nudity, foul or hateful language, drug references, etc.),irrelevant content, copyrighted material, we will have no choice but to reject the image. Acceptance of artwork is considered from the Indi Threads community and their decision is final.

How much will I earn? 

We all know that art is not about the money; however the gift of earning money from our collaboration is a perk that we are happy to share. We have a big heart and are conscious about doing right by our contributors that go to print. We offer an initial sum of £50 plus an ongoing flat and simple rate of 10% of the turnover for the respective design to go back to that artist; the rest of the money is saved up and invested back into the business for events, sponsorship, equipment and general growth. J

Quality of Print.

If your design is chosen by the community then we will ensure that the love and care you put into the artwork will be carried on into the printing and through the rest of that t-shirt’s journey. All designs are hand screen printed with real plastisol ink and printed in small batches, then our labels are hand sown onto the garment and it is sent out to its new owner.

  • Step One: Download the Official Mockup Template PSD and use that to create your submission.
  • Screenprinted designs work best when they’re made from areas of flat color. If your design has gradients, shadows, or glows, it’s much harder (or even impossible) to print. Avoid those if possible.
  • Vector files are best for the final design however please submit as a Jpeg for the initial submission we shall ask for a vector when your artwork is chosen to print.
  • What’s actual size? Glad you asked. You have a printable area of A3 (11″ x 16″ or 29.7 x 42.0cm)  to work with for the t-shirt front or back.
  • Make sure all your colors are easily separable… on separate layers, or in separate groups.
  • We’re allowing printing in two locations: choose from front or back. Keep your main print location (front) to four (4) colors or fewer. Remember we are showcasing your art not a fashion brand. Yes, black and white count as colors.
  • If you have something non-standard in mind—metallic ink or foil prints, glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent etc.—let us know. We’ll see what we can do.

Got it? Good. Let’s make something together.

Artwork Guidelines


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