Although we are not the largest company out there we are the most caring and when it comes to art, designs and clothing we absolutely love it..

We are a small team at present however we are always looking for new help and we absolutly love it when others email or call to support or give a helping hand, So if you have an idea or thoughts on anything related to Indi Threads please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or pop an email over.

Spencer Bargery
Happiness Advocate

Spencer is head of happiness at Indi Threads, an energetic and enthusiastic member that keeps the prints perfect and the artist happy. Great to have in the studio for his keen eye on colour and attention to detail.

Jordan Boon
Head Honcho

Jordan developed the idea of Indi Threads over many years and with the awesome team around him that keep him on track and change ideas into a focused set path for the venture.

Tobias Robinson
Copy Cruncher

Toby is so much more than just the copy cruncher, like all that help out in the Individal Theads studio Toby has had to bring more to the table than just copy, With his vast knowledge of the arts scene and a keen eye for upcoming artists its a pleasure to have Toby on our team.

David Eastwood

When David isn't brewing his award winning local beer he comes and helps us out with artwork and thinking up crazy new ideas.

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