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Hello again from Individual Threads Towers. We have been extremely busy people as of late, working hard to get the vision of Individual Threads on the road! This week has seen us with a new screen, new ideas, many attempts at perfection and a lot of hot dogs. Anyway, back to business.


That’s right, tonight people! Trash Arts takes over Waster this evening with a special viewing of their new film, and what apparel will the actors be sporting? None other than the finest Individual Threads! Some of us are going down with some goodies to give away, so come along, have a chat and show us your support, we appreciate everything! Stuck for something to do before you head to Waster? Check out the open deck night at the Registry: Portsmouth’s new DJ talent showcase at Rubberdub’s birthplace. We love the New-Music Society very much and we’re sure they’d love to see your faces for a drink or two!

We have a brilliant new website on its way onto the internet superhighway – you can see it grow here: How lovely!

As always, we want your opinions, so please don’t be scared to get in touch – join us on Facebook, drop us an email, come up to us in person, draw us a picture :)

Lots of thready love from The Individual Threads Team. X