trial: the bear – paul wardski

one of the artwork submitted was subject to a printed trial this friday. A piece entitled “The Bear” by Paul Wardski, was modelled by our very own Andy and taken to Punchfunk at Tiger Tiger on Friday where it was met with a very warm reception! We will keep you informed about the official launch date of The Bear and the other selected pieces, but for now here is a sneak peak at what’s in store:

Modelled by Andy Donohoe, Photo by Caz Brunnen
Modelled by Andy Donohoe, Photo by Caz Brunnen

Lots of Love, The Individual Threads Team. X

P.S. Those people at the Get Away show at Havana on the Saturday just gone, would have seen the artistic genius of Matt Howard using the  rest of the Indi Threads crew’s dancing skills to create some stunning visual effects. Nice!

time for an update

A lucious time was had by many in the Southsea area this weekend filled with Plump DJs, Nando’s outings, gigs, football, skateboarding and barbeques. And it’s only just April, so it’s only going to get better.

Letting you know what we’re up to, we have SEVEN monochromatic screens ready for print by our chosen artists. We’re coming up with ideas for our launch of the Artist range and since the Promo range launch went so well we have a lot to live up to! Watch this space for news and details, and please come and show your support.

We really do appreciate everything people have done for us, so we’re gonna take a little time here to say THANK YOU – thanks for talking, wearing, buying, commenting and recommending, and please keep it up!

Please please please tell your non-Southsea friends about the new eBay store that is now running on our website, and those who have already got some Indi Threads gear, please add Indi Threads as a friend on Facebook and tag Indi in the photos featuring our clothes! We want to see how our community is growing – so get involved.

Lots of love, The Individual Threads Team. X