Bangers & Fash – Nottingham

bangers and fash

bangers and fash

Our work showcased at Bangers And Fash fashion show in Nottingham, the event was hosted by our good friends at WE MAKE T-SHIRTS and 269 clothing and was a great Success, many thanks go out to Mike Knight, Gill Heeley, Simon Butler, Ed ”easy” Roe, Thibaud Clement and everyone else who was involved – It truly was a Quality Evening!

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click image for wemaketshirts site

click image for wemaketshirts site

269 clothing tags

269 clothing tags

Noir et Blanc magazine ad

Individual Threads magazine ad

Individual Threads magazine ad

An amazing day with the launch of our first magazine advert which shows good friend Louise Cox modelling Leila Rasarathnam’s Afro Tree design, if you would like to see the ad in the flesh please pick up the free first edition of the new art based magazine ”Noir et Blanc” or for more information on Noir et Blanc check out their website at

the first edition of Noir et Blanc

the first edition of Noir et Blanc

first up – indi threads launch party!

Monday 18th May saw the Individual Threads Launch Party for the new summer t-shirt range kick off in collaboration with our good friends at Baby Sumo. Little Johnny Russell’s was transformed for the night into a heaving venue full of amazingly talented DJs, graphic artists getting down and dirty live for everyone and a full on back-catalogued store for all Indi Threads wear, including promo sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts and even argyle socks! Thank you to everyone that came down, we are really pleased with the response we got and the recruitment of new artists!

All the photos can be found here: but below is a couple for you to feast your eyes on…
Richard Harries, creator of Just Riding

Richard Harries, creator of "Just Riding"Alex J. Eccleston, creator of "Chewy"Paul Wardski, creator of "The Bear"

Jon and Spence with our delicious Promo Jumpers!

Jon and Spence with our delicious Promo Jumpers!Crewnecks! Crewnecks!

sorry for the lost of broadcast!

Hello, hope you haven’t forgotten us over at Individual Threads! To be completely honest, we have been so busy over the last few weeks that we’ve hardly been able to keep up! But that is not an excuse for keeping you all in the dark. But rest assured we have turned over a new leaf and we will try and keep you up to date twice a week! There are lots of things we wanna talk about, just give us a minute to sort ourselves out! Love you all!

Lots of Big love, The Individual Threads Team x

Individual Threads comes to Big Cartel!



Buying our stuff online is set to become even easier very very soon with the Individual Threads Big Cartel in progress. We are out and about this weekend taking beautiful shots of our garments in and around Southsea for display on the online store. See for more details. We hope to have the store up and running in syndication with the launch of our New T-shirt Designs on May 18th – more details on that to follow.

A quick thank you to all those that have bought clothes from us this week, we really appreciate it! Tell your friends! Tell your coursemates! Tell your family! Tell the world!

Lots of Big love, The Individual Threads Team x

(p.s. 2/5 of the Individual Threads lot will be in Scandals tonight, dancing like there is no tomorrow. Come and have a chat!)

trial: the bear – paul wardski

one of the artwork submitted was subject to a printed trial this friday. A piece entitled “The Bear” by Paul Wardski, was modelled by our very own Andy and taken to Punchfunk at Tiger Tiger on Friday where it was met with a very warm reception! We will keep you informed about the official launch date of The Bear and the other selected pieces, but for now here is a sneak peak at what’s in store:

Modelled by Andy Donohoe, Photo by Caz Brunnen
Modelled by Andy Donohoe, Photo by Caz Brunnen

Lots of Love, The Individual Threads Team. X

P.S. Those people at the Get Away show at Havana on the Saturday just gone, would have seen the artistic genius of Matt Howard using the  rest of the Indi Threads crew’s dancing skills to create some stunning visual effects. Nice!

time for an update

A lucious time was had by many in the Southsea area this weekend filled with Plump DJs, Nando’s outings, gigs, football, skateboarding and barbeques. And it’s only just April, so it’s only going to get better.

Letting you know what we’re up to, we have SEVEN monochromatic screens ready for print by our chosen artists. We’re coming up with ideas for our launch of the Artist range and since the Promo range launch went so well we have a lot to live up to! Watch this space for news and details, and please come and show your support.

We really do appreciate everything people have done for us, so we’re gonna take a little time here to say THANK YOU – thanks for talking, wearing, buying, commenting and recommending, and please keep it up!

Please please please tell your non-Southsea friends about the new eBay store that is now running on our website, and those who have already got some Indi Threads gear, please add Indi Threads as a friend on Facebook and tag Indi in the photos featuring our clothes! We want to see how our community is growing – so get involved.

Lots of love, The Individual Threads Team. X

first wave of artists!

Hello there, we hope you have had a lovely weekend. We have finally chosen the first wave of artists to get their work printed onto our lovely clothes. Emails have been sent out and art has been selected – if you would like for your work to be considered for the next wave of printing, please contact us at or upload your work onto the Facebook group.

In other news, our shop is now up and running for those of you not located in the Southsea Area – currently our promo range is available for purchase, soon to be followed by our featured artists – have a look here.

Lots of arty love, The Individual Threads Team. x

promo range now available!

In the Flickr feed on the right hand side of our blog are the 5 styles for the Individual Threads promo launch. Jordan, Andy, Matt, Spencer and myself (Josie)  have all designed a sweater each to heighten awareness of the site and the quality/finish of the clothes that we one day soon hope to make with YOUR art on it. 
 The O.G Stencil Print Crewneck, in five different colourways, available in all sizes, boys and girls. Handprinted, handsewn tags, packaged with love in a Individual Threads drawstring cotton bag. Price – £20
Each design is limited to 50 editions each, and then it wont be available again! So if you see one you like – get in touch.

Lots of sunny Hampshire love from The Individual Threads Team x

promo launch date announced and birthday fun!

Just a short update today from Individual Threads – we have spent a picturesque Friday in the studio,  chilling, laughing and listening to the likes of Run DMC, Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Andy, Spencer and myself, located in the studio, have been putting the finishing touches to our promo range, due for launch next Monday. Jordan has been in the office, printing to his hearts content. Finished garments include a forest green sweatshirt, a red dress and a black hoodie. Pictures of them to come soon. We are looking at a couple of new and fair trade stockists for clothing items which is going well, and we have been brushing up on our sewing skills.

Last night at Waster was a great success, thank you to all that came and thanks for the positive feedback! A promotional movie was played as a backdrop for the live bands (Venice Ahoy and Astronomy Club)   designed by Howie – and it was actually immense. The Trash Arts film played and our clothes looked beautiful. Nice one!

Side note: It’s my birthday today so the Indi Threads team and lots of others are going to Little Johnny Russells where Andy and Andy and Lewis and JACK BEATS are going to give us a lovely birthday treat. Come along for the fun!

We’ll leave you as we listen to Ratatat and discuss the logistics of Michael Jackson’s farewell tour.

Lots of birthday love from the Individual Threads Team. X